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Whether you are a would be home-owner, a builder or a design professional, Resi-Cost provides fast, easy and accurate construction estimates of any home design at any stage in the design process.

Resi-Cost’s patented technology allows you to develop an estimate for any home plan and then allows you to change virtually any design choice and have the resulting construction costs recalculate in real time.

For Consumers & Professionals!
Resi-Cost is a subscription based estimating application used over the Internet and comes in different versions for the consumer or professional.

Resi-Cost Lite provides less cost detail and less options and is value priced.
$24.50/mo (60 day subscription)


Resi-Cost Full Function provides over 4,000 options and over 350 lines of cost detail.
$49.50/mo (60 day subscription)


Resi-Cost PRO is designed for the design and construction professional. It allows multiple projects accounts for as short or as long as you like. PRO provides what Full Function provides PLUS the ability to edit your own unit costs and provides a project information panel for each project account. You can also archive or put a project account on hold for any length of time. $99.00 one time master license
$24.50 per project per month
(until canceled)

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Resi-Cost provides over 4,000 options for home design resulting in virtually unlimited design possibilities. It provides the ability to vary choices affecting design decisions, quality of construction materials, size of the home, quantities of materials and other options resulting in real-time recalculation of quantities and cost.

Simply Answer On-Screen Questions.
You are guided through a series of online screens and as you make design and material choices for a specific design, Resi-Cost instantly calculates the simulated geometry of the home’s shape and structure created from those choices. It then uses a proprietary database of construction costs for over 40,000 zip and postal codes accurately estimating the cost of that specific home design anywhere in the continental United States, Alaska or Canada.

Want Green Design Options?
Green design construction options are available including ICF (Insulated Concrete Form), SIP (Structural Insulated Panels) in addition to stick-built wood framing or concrete block construction. You also have the option of Timber Frame construction.

Estimate Special Finishes and Spaces.
Only Resi-Cost allows you to estimate special wall and floor finishes, cabinetry and counter tops at a room-by-room level such as Kitchen, any number of bathrooms, library, foyer or any other rooms.

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Select Your Location Zip Code (from over 40,000)
Select Your Home’s Design Characteristics
Select Your Construction Materials
Change Options and See Real Time Costs
Get Detailed Cost Reports (up to 350 lines of detail)

Avoid Inaccurate Estimates.
You no longer have to use rough rules of thumb such as cost per square foot or wait days for generic appraisal estimates that base costs on "assumed" material selections and quality levels. Resi-Cost does not "assume" the quality levels or materials you want in your house, that’s something you decide.

We Include What Others Can't.
Resi-Cost includes costs left out of other estimating systems such as excavation, driveways, porches patios, site preparation, flatwork, septic, well, appliances, landscape, etc. We think these items are necessary for a complete estimate.

Sample Cost Report (click to view)
Resi-Cost includes costs three levels of detailed cost reporting providing up to 350 lines of the cost detail you need. With Resi-Cost PRO, you are also able to edit the unit prices to use whatever costs you want!

Frequently Asked Questions.
  1. What makes Resi-Cost better than other software?
    • Resi-Cost is superior because of its accuracy, ease of use and ability to instantly determine cost impact of a design decision.
    • Several features make Resi-Cost the best in its class.
      • Resi-Cost’s estimating engine is fundamentally unique and protected by a United States Patent. This patented technology allows “What-If?” evaluations of different design choices, features or materials. As you make a change you immediately see the cost impact of that decision. This is not available with any other residential cost estimating software.
      • Use of a 5-digit zip code data base providing over 40,000 unique locations for unsurpassed regional accuracy. The database includes costs for labor and materials, sales tax and climate considerations used in sizing heating loads.
      • Last but not least is a deep bench of design and construction options. Resi-Cost provides over 4,000 options for your home design resulting in virtually unlimited design possibilities.
  2. Do I need complete blueprints to develop an estimate?
    • No, complete house plans are not required. Resi-Cost is unique in its ability to accurately estimate a home’s cost at any stage of design, with or without developed home plans.
    • Resi-Cost does not use typical take-off estimating techniques. Even if you have no particular design developed you can still estimate the cost to build based on the design parameters and criteria you establish for the home design.
    • If you have a sketch, basic house plans or full blown blueprints, you just answer the questions and enter the corresponding design criteria reflected in your design.
  3. How does Resi-Cost have costs for my location?
    • Resi-Cost has a cost database for the continental US, Alaska and Canada. Local costs are determined by using a 5-digit zip code which provides over 40,000 unique locations and targeted regional accuracy. Costs for Hawaii are not in our database.
  4. What options exist for Resi-Cost subscription length?
    • Resi-Cost Lite and Resi-Cost Full Function are provided with 60 day subscriptions.
    • Resi-Cost PRO project accounts are monthly “pay as you go” subscriptions with automatic billing. They may remain active indefinitely or may be canceled at any time. To purchase these PRO project accounts, a $99 one time purchase of a Master License must first be completed.
  5. What if I don’t understand a question or terminology?
    • Resi-Cost has “Help” links at major questions to assist you in understanding a question or construction term. If you still have a question or need any help in using Resi-Cost just use our Contact Us form for more help.
  6. Can I stop Resi-Cost at anytime and come back later?
    • Yes, just complete whatever page you are on and click the “Next Step (Save and Continue)” button at the bottom of the page. Your selections are saved until you come back later.
    • If you leave a page without clicking the “Next Step (Save and Continue)” button at the bottom of the page, your selections for that page will not be retained.
  7. Can Resi-Cost help if I'm already over-budget?
    • Yes it can. All projects have three interrelated variables that must be balanced. They are Quality, Cost and Size. You can pick any two and the third is determined by your selections. For example if you know your budget (cost) and you know how big your house is (size) that will drive the quality levels of what you can afford. Resi-Cost allows you to vary your home’s Quality levels and Scope (or size) until your budget is in balance.
    • In an over-budget situation improper Quality and/or Size decisions have created an out of balance condition with Cost. The solution in an over-budget circumstance is determining how to vary the Quality or Size variables to meet a predetermined Cost.
    • The power of Resi-Cost™ is that you will be able to model and change any of these variables to see the impact on the other two, until you get things in balance.
    • Resi-Cost process puts you in control of modeling "what-if?" options to building materials, design characteristics and home size, until you are satisfied and within budget.