INSTANT™ provides a basic estimating tool that quickly and easily calculates costs with minimal effort. Although not as detailed and accurate as FULL FUNCTION, this estimator is simple and easy to use and is great for getting an idea of costs for different house plans or conceptual designs.

INSTANT™ Features:

You select the design choices having the greatest impact on construction cost such as house size, covered porch size, garage size, number of bathrooms, construction quality and structure type, and INSTANT does the rest. And with Instant you get over 70 lines of cost detail broken down by labor and materials.

With Instant™ you can select:

Select Economy, Standard or Premium quality levels for each these home construction systems to get an estimate that reflects your quality expectations.

  • Site Work
  • Foundation (slab or crawlspace if used)
  • Basement (if used)
  • Exterior Shell (walls, roof, windows, doors)
  • Special Spaces (kitchen and baths)
  • Interior Construction
  • Plumbing
  • Heating and Cooling
  • Electrical System
  • Appliances
  • General Contracting

About Home-Cost Instant™

  1. Instant™ Cost-To-Build estimates include labor, material and sales tax.
  2. Instant™ provides estimates for single family, stick-built, detached, 1 story, 1½ story and 2 story homes with pitched roofs, up to a 3-car attached garage and located on a flat to gently sloping site. It does not estimate costs for Garage Homes where primary living area is above the garage.
  3. Instant™ is not applicable for highly custom home designs or specialty construction such as garage / apartment, townhouse, multi-family, hillside, flat roof, concrete walls, log cabin, home additions, and other designs inconsistent with single family 1 story, 1½ story and 2 story homes described above.
  4. Instant™ estimates assume the following design criteria: 8 foot basement ceiling height, 9 foot first floor ceiling height, 8 foot second floor ceiling height (if used), gable roof; 2 dormers, average roof pitch is 12:12, 1 to 2 covered porches, porch construction on foundations.
  5. Instant™ Cost-To-Build report provides approximately 70 lines of cost detail within the following home construction categories: Site Work, Foundations, Basement (if used), Exterior Shell, Special Spaces (Kitchen, Bathrooms, etc), Interior Construction, Elevators, Plumbing, Heating / AC, Electrical Systems, Appliances, Contractor Markup