$24.50 per month
with 60 day subscription
Over 2,900 home design options
Over 70 lines of cost summary
Over 40,000 zip code locations
Fast, Easy and Accurate Cost Estimates

Resi-Cost Lite: Home Cost Estimating Software

Summary level cost reports.
Fundamental Options.
Value Priced.

Resi-Cost Lite uses the same patented cost estimating engine as Resi-Cost Full Function.

Resi-Cost Lite is great when you don’t need a lot of cost detail or a full menu of material options.
home building cost estimating software

Get real time what-if? cost feedback as you change and explore design options.


What features are different in Resi-Cost Lite versus Resi-Cost Full Function?
• Less home design customization options
• Only stick built or SIP structural framing
• Timber frame is not available
• Block or poured foundations and basement only
• No walkout basement options
• Garage at grade only (no lower level)
• Up to 1 covered porch (not 3 porches)
• Up to 1 screen porch (not 3 porches)
• Up to 1 enclosed porch (not 3 porches)
• Shed and gable dormers (no eyebrow dormer)
• Limited site work options
• Limited exterior material options
• Elevator options not available
• Limited General Conditions options

Resi-Cost Lite provides you:
• Over 2,900 options
• Over 70 lines of cost summary
• Over 40,000 zip code locations

Resi-Cost Lite provides you a complete home building cost estimate including:
• site work and excavation,
• appliances,
• specialty floor finishes,
• all quality levels of construction materials,
• custom counter tops,
• kitchen, bath, bar cabinetry and much more.
• costs as an Owner/Builder or Contractor built.

Select from thousands of material options for these home construction systems:
• Site Work
• Foundation
• Basement
• Exterior Shell
• Special Spaces
• Interior Construction
• Plumbing
• Electrical System
• Appliances
• General Contracting

Resi Cost estimating software

Simple to Use!
Resi-Cost's online screens lead you step by step in design choices necessary to accurately estimate your home. You may estimate at a conceptual level without a set home design (such as with early stage budgeting) or with house plans or estimate costs accurately at any stage in between.

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