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Zip Code Cost Estimating Database

Resi-Cost Has Your Project Location

Resi-Cost is built on a proprietary location cost database using over 40,000 unique 5-digit zip code records. By using all 5 digits of the zip code we are able to adjust regionally variable cost factors to a very specific area which is critical for estimating accuracy.

By comparison, competitive estimating products only adjust for costs based on large zones of the country such as Northeast, Southwest, Southeast, etc. or only use three of the 5-digits in a zip code.

As a result, Resi-Cost provides more than 40,000 unique project locations versus only 300 unique locations with our competitors.

Our proprietary cost database includes the continental United States, Alaska and Canada. Market conditions for labor and material costs are regularly updated.

Some of the more significant data linked to your zip code includes:
• City, State
• Regional labor and material cost
• Sales tax rates
• Outdoor design temperature data for energy use calculations


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Why do we use 5-digit Zip Codes?

Why did we develop and maintain this database to adjust costs and other data at a 5-digit zip code level? Because we have to in order to gain regional cost accuracy! Regional differences in material and labor costs alone can create variances in construction costs of 25% to 40% and more!

For example: ZIP Code 90210 is Beverly Hills, CA , and 90220 is Compton, CA.

Another example shown in the image above involves ZIP Code 49735 which is Gaylord, MI, a town in the center of Michigan. Only one digit apart is zip code 49736, Goetzville, MI, a town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.