How Resi-Cost On-Line Estimating Works
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Step 4: Interactive "What-If" ? Cost Feedback

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Real Time Cost Feedback

Get your construction budget in balance. Only Resi-Cost provides real-time cost feedback as you make choices in home size, design features or construction materials.

Resi-Cost’s patented estimating engine will simultaneously model three interrelated variables, Quality, Quantity and Cost.

You control the decisions for any two but the third is then determined by those decisions.

The interactive nature of Resi-Cost allows easy What-If? re-evaluations of different design characteristics or construction material combinations to get your budget in balance.

You can stop guessing and now confidently know what the cost impact is of changing any design or material option you made, from changing the size of the home or the size of a room like a kitchen or bath to changing a countertop from plastic laminate to soapstone.