Features that make your home building cost estimates fast, easy and accurate.

About Our Cost to Build Estimating Software

How Does Resi-Cost Determine Cost to Build Your New Home?

Resi-Cost is a patented web based software application for estimating the cost to build a new free standing single family home. As you interactively make decisions about your design and material choices, Resi-Cost provides an immediate, detailed and accurate cost estimate for your new home design. Learn More

Resi-Cost does not use rules of thumb or construction cost per square foot or insurance appraisal based software as the source of its estimates. Resi-Cost uses costs for your specific design selections, a 40,000 zip code cost database, over 4,000 design options and a patented estimating engine to accurately calculate the cost to build your home. We then provide 3 levels of cost summary.

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Our 40,000 Zip Code Database
Provides Costs for Your Location:

Resi-Cost uses a proprietary 5 digit zip code cost data base with over 40,000 zip code locations determining everything from your regional construction cost and sales tax rate to the environmental heating load used to size the furnace options for you in Resi-Cost. Learn More

Instant Cost Feedback on Design What-If? Scenarios:
Resi-Cost is interactive. Our patented estimating engine allows real-time cost feedback as you make design selections.

This powerful dynamic feature allows interactive What-If? evaluations of different design features or materials. As you make a change you immediately see the cost impact of that decision. This is not available with any other residential cost estimating software.

Over 4,000 Home Design and Construction Material Options
Resi-Cost provides over 4,000 options for your home design resulting in virtually unlimited design possibilities. Our software uses sophisticated algorithms to present only appropriate options for you to choose based on your design selections. We first understand the geometry of your home which is determined by the home's Design Characteristics. Over 60 design characteristic decisions define how your house will be shaped.

Then we provide over 200 options for many different Building Systems that make up a home's construction. For example, there are Foundation Systems, Basement Construction Systems, Exterior Shell Systems, and many others.

Finally, for each building system, there are a number of detailed Construction Assembly options you may select to accurately define the home design you want. Resi-Cost has over 4,000 detailed construction assembly options available to describe the home you want to build.

Let's say you're selecting the Foundation / Basement Building System option for your home. You can select from a poured concrete foundation, concrete block foundation, insulated concrete form foundation (ICF), pre-cast foundation, wood foundation, etc. Learn More

Construction Assemblies:
The Basis of Resi-Cost Estimating

Resi-Cost calculates costs using Construction Assemblies. This provides estimating accuracy whether at a conceptual stage of design or the final stage after blue prints are drawn. It includes construction costs for the home along with costs for site work, excavation, landscape, utilities and appliances.

An Assembly is a grouping of components. For example, cost for a sink assembly includes the sink, faucet, waste and vent line, hot and cold water lines, labor and sales tax. A window assembly includes the window unit, finished casing and trim, labor and sales tax. Another assembly example is exterior wall framing which is priced at a cost per square foot of wall area and includes costs for the wall framing, insulation, sheathing and vapor barrier, labor and sales tax. Learn More

There are several reasons Resi-Cost does not use traditional take-off quantity estimating. Take-off quantity estimating can only be done after a design is completed and is labor intensive and prone to errors due to missed items. Also take-off estimating cannot provide instant cost feedback to a design change or reflect a qualitative change without computer regeneration or manual calculation. If a design change is made, the computer drawing must be redrawn or manually updated to reflect the change before take-off quantities can again be calculated. Not so with Resi-Cost! It's fast, easy and accurate.