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Are you considering building your own dream home from the ground up? If you are, you will need an accurate estimate of your building costs before you choose a builder or apply for a bank loan. Obtaining an accurate and comprehensive estimate can be difficult, but luckily, Home-Cost is a cost calculator capable of providing both consumers and home-builders with a detailed and remarkably accurate building estimate.


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Home-Cost vs. Other Building Cost Estimators

Building a new home can be expensive, and having an accurate estimate of how much your future abode will cost is always necessary. Unfortunately, many free online building cost estimators fail to accurately estimate cost, leaving homeowners unsure and without direction. Fortunately, Home-Cost software allows users to know how much a home will cost depending on its location, material options, and design, not just square footage.


An Accurate Overview of Building Costs

When building a home, setting a budget is necessary, and even a minor oversight can result in you going over your budget. Home-Cost software gives home-builders the power to alter important factors such as the quality of their building materials and the size of their home. They can then adjust these factors until their future home meets their current budget.

Home-Cost provides users with a detailed cost report that breaks down the cost to build a home in an easy-to-understand format. Each report features 350 lines of prime information, including details such as unit prices, descriptions of items, and quantities. You will even have the option to export your report to Microsoft Excel for future access. Using our report, you can easily see anything your builder may have left out of their bid.

Ultimately, the cost of building a home is heavily influenced by two primary variables (not including physical location) – material quality and size. Home-Cost software keeps this in mind, and users will have the opportunity to model and alter the previously mentioned variables to meet their budget. More expensive materials may mean building a smaller home, and less expensive materials may mean building a larger home. Whatever your choice, you can accurately model and estimate the cost of your dream home.


Location Estimator Tool

Real estate costs are strongly tied to location, and if you fail to take your building location into account, it will be nearly impossible to estimate the cost of building your home. For this reason, Home-Cost utilizes a unique five-digit zip code locator to accurately estimate the average house construction cost in a given area. Our home cost estimator features a database of tens of thousands of US and Canadian zip codes, which are updated regularly. Other programs only allow users to estimate location costs using the first three numbers of a zip code, which can lead to inaccurate estimates.


Learn More About Our Software

Whether you are a homeowner interested in building your own home or a professional homebuilder, having an accurate estimate of construction costs prior to breaking ground is a must. Home-Cost software is easy to use and intuitive, and it can provide you with the detailed estimate you need. Contact Home-Cost today to learn more about our software program and how it can work for you.