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How Much Does It Really Cost to Build a House?

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cost to build a house


The benefits of building your own house are outstanding: customization, control over appearance and materials, and a home that is unlike any other. However, taking on this project requires a significant financial and emotional investment. It’s essential to have a thorough understanding of the cost to build a home from the very beginning of the project. This information makes it easier to plan budgets and secure financing. Home-Cost software provides guaranteed accurate estimates that help you understand and control finances throughout the entire process of building your home.


Location Matters

When you start figuring out how much it should cost to build your home, you have to remember to take into account the location where you’re building. Designing and building a residence in a large coastal city will likely cost a lot more than putting up a home in a rural area. The cost changes can show up in several places:

  • Land
  • Permits
  • Materials
  • Labor
  • Environmental requirements

An accurate estimate must take location into account.


Materials Make a Difference

One of the most important features of a home building calculator is its ability to account for the materials you want to use in your home. Even a small area, such as the counter in a powder room, can have a significant impact on the budget. It’s vital to base your financial estimates and budget on the exact materials you want to use. Without an accurate budget, you could be required to make changes in the middle of the building process and possibly settle for a less-preferable material.


Changes Can Be Challenging

No matter how sure you may feel about your original home plans, there’s a good chance things may change sometime between the initial planning and the move-in date. Sometimes floor plans have to be altered to work with the topography. Materials may be discontinued. Labor costs can go up or down depending on the time of year and local demand. A good cost estimation tool should allow you to plan for the “what-ifs.” When you can see the impact of material and design changes, you can make informed and wise decisions that won’t risk your budget.


Accuracy Is Vital

It can be tempting to trust a ballpark estimate for your home-building costs. You may feel that making a large number of calculations based on design details and numerous building and trim materials is too difficult or time-consuming. However, simply making approximate estimates often leads to projects that take longer and cost more. Having accurate information for each aspect of your home allows you to control the overall costs and make decisions that fulfill both your goals and your budgetary requirements.


User-Friendly Tools Provide Countless Benefits

As you can see, getting clear and accurate information from a home cost estimator is essential. Approximate costs or ballpark figures that doesn’t account for materials or changes can be misleading and can cause severe financial distress during and after the building process. Our Home-Cost software has patented technology that guarantees accurate results and allows you to get detailed information about all the design and material aspects of your project. Call us at 947-570-1502 or use our online form to get a free demo of our software.

Discover the Cost to Build Your Dream Home

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cost to build your dream home

If you want to build your custom dream home, you need to know how much it is going to cost. provides a calculator so you know what the cost to build a home in your area is. Take a look below to see how this tool can make your life easier.

Accurate Pricing Matters

No matter if you are building a house or purchasing a ready-made one, it is important to know the accurate price. Evaluating a home based on square footage disregards many other aspects that factor into pricing, which then makes the total cost of the house inaccurate and unreliable. That leaves expectant homeowners unsure about which direction to take and unable to provide the bank with a true cost for a loan.

Not All Estimators Are Equal

With a home cost estimator, you are more likely to be able to price a house without any costly mistakes. However, most home estimating calculator tools are based on square footage or completely disregard other building essentials that can drive up the total value. When you use these inaccurate tools, there is no peace of mind for you, which is why you need one that is exact and trustworthy.

Home-Cost Calculator

Thanks to our home cost estimator, you can price your dream home on an accurate basis. We provide consumers and building professionals with an estimating tool that correctly prices homes based on the materials, location, size and design. Yes, square footage is factored into the amount, but the overall cost is not solely based on the size of the house. That makes a huge difference in price.

Sticking to the Budget

When you first begin to design or look into buying a home, one of the most crucial steps is deciding on a budget. The Home-Cost calculator allows you to adjust the size of the home and even the quality of your materials. That way, you can make all the factors that go into the total price work within your budget. If one building material is driving up your cost, this tool allows you to swap it out with a different one that is in range of your budget.

Detailed and Precise Reporting

At the end of it all, the custom home building cost calculator provides you with a detailed report of every factor that is part of your price. That includes the size of the home, materials you choose and the location your home is in. Then, when you are ready, you can take the report to the bank with confidence and peace of mind knowing your estimate is accurate.

Contact Us To Learn More

There is no need to use price calculators that are inaccurate or leave you feeling unsure about the true cost of your dream home. Instead, we provide you with an estimator that delivers accurate results you can trust and take to the bank for your loan. If you are ready to start building your dream home, contact us here at today to learn how we can help you determine the correct cost to build a home.

How to Best Use Home-Cost Software

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Building a home from scratch is a dream many people hold dear, and the process of building and customizing your own home is like no other. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to estimate the cost of building a custom home, and many available building cost estimators lack accuracy and dependability. Home-Cost is a revolutionary home cost estimator that bucks this trend and allows users to accurately estimate the cost of their home before the construction process begins.


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Avoid Overspending With Home-Cost Software

Home-Cost is a leader in the home construction cost calculator industry. Its patented technology allows consumers and professional homebuilders the ability to accurately estimate the cost of building a property before breaking ground. This ensures there are no costly surprises along the way, and having an accurate cost estimate will come in handy when the time to apply for financing arrives. Most home building cost calculators only provide somewhat accurate estimates using square footage, but Home-Cost goes several steps farther by utilizing the following information:

  • Building location
  • Cost and quality of building materials
  • Property size
  • Design complexity

Home-Cost uses cloud-based technology, allowing users to use the program from virtually any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Location is another major factor when it comes to estimating building costs. Most building calculators fail to take location into consideration, and when this occurs, homeowners can end up spending hundreds of thousands more than they intended. The cost of land in some zip codes is far higher than the cost in others, and builders and homeowners must keep this in mind. Fortunately, Home-Cost allows users to input five-digit zip codes (instead of three or four) to achieve the most accurate location-based estimate possible.


Home-Cost Software Features

We offer three types of Home-Cost software to our customers, but no matter which version you choose, you can rest easy knowing you have access to accurate building estimates. Our Instant and Pro versions are best for home-builders who simply need a detailed view of basic building costs. Our Full Function version offers more than a dozen additional benefits, in addition to the following features, which are standard with all versions:

  • Cost report exporting option
  • Breakdown of labor costs
  • More than 70 cost detail lines
  • Multiple material quality options
  • Database of more than 40,000 zip codes

Our home building cost calculator is ideal for both US and Canadian consumers and home-builders, and our most advanced option factors in additional costs such as taxes, appliances, and site work.


Accuracy Guaranteed

Obtaining accurate building costs is easier said than done, but with Home-Cost, you will gain access to as accurate of an estimate as possible. Our company believes in its product, and that is why we guarantee the accuracy of Home-Cost (customers only need to obtain contractor bids along with their Home-Cost estimate). Other estimators come with dozens of disclaimers, and often, their estimates are far from accurate.


Get Started on Your Dream Home

We take pride in providing our customers with reliable estimates they can use to build their dream homes. Our accuracy guarantee is unrivaled, and with so many building estimate tools on your side, you can create a comprehensive and realistic construction budget. Contact Home-Cost today to get started on your dream home.

Accurate Building Costs from Home-Cost

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Are you considering building your own dream home from the ground up? If you are, you will need an accurate estimate of your building costs before you choose a builder or apply for a bank loan. Obtaining an accurate and comprehensive estimate can be difficult, but luckily, Home-Cost is a cost calculator capable of providing both consumers and home-builders with a detailed and remarkably accurate building estimate.


accurate building costs


Home-Cost vs. Other Building Cost Estimators

Building a new home can be expensive, and having an accurate estimate of how much your future abode will cost is always necessary. Unfortunately, many free online building cost estimators fail to accurately estimate cost, leaving homeowners unsure and without direction. Fortunately, Home-Cost software allows users to know how much a home will cost depending on its location, material options, and design, not just square footage.


An Accurate Overview of Building Costs

When building a home, setting a budget is necessary, and even a minor oversight can result in you going over your budget. Home-Cost software gives home-builders the power to alter important factors such as the quality of their building materials and the size of their home. They can then adjust these factors until their future home meets their current budget.

Home-Cost provides users with a detailed cost report that breaks down the cost to build a home in an easy-to-understand format. Each report features 350 lines of prime information, including details such as unit prices, descriptions of items, and quantities. You will even have the option to export your report to Microsoft Excel for future access. Using our report, you can easily see anything your builder may have left out of their bid.

Ultimately, the cost of building a home is heavily influenced by two primary variables (not including physical location) – material quality and size. Home-Cost software keeps this in mind, and users will have the opportunity to model and alter the previously mentioned variables to meet their budget. More expensive materials may mean building a smaller home, and less expensive materials may mean building a larger home. Whatever your choice, you can accurately model and estimate the cost of your dream home.


Location Estimator Tool

Real estate costs are strongly tied to location, and if you fail to take your building location into account, it will be nearly impossible to estimate the cost of building your home. For this reason, Home-Cost utilizes a unique five-digit zip code locator to accurately estimate the average house construction cost in a given area. Our home cost estimator features a database of tens of thousands of US and Canadian zip codes, which are updated regularly. Other programs only allow users to estimate location costs using the first three numbers of a zip code, which can lead to inaccurate estimates.


Learn More About Our Software

Whether you are a homeowner interested in building your own home or a professional homebuilder, having an accurate estimate of construction costs prior to breaking ground is a must. Home-Cost software is easy to use and intuitive, and it can provide you with the detailed estimate you need. Contact Home-Cost today to learn more about our software program and how it can work for you.

Why Building Cost Per Square Foot Doesn’t Work

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Researching home prices and answering the “buy or build” question has become easier than ever with a plethora of apps and products available. However, the average home building price calculator usually underperforms in one key aspect: accuracy. That’s because most typically use cost per square foot to produce their figures, and these can fall several thousand dollars short of the final price. Home-Cost illustrates why cost per square foot estimates don’t work and how determining potential home construction costs by zip code is a superior method.

1. Estimation Methods Aren’t Consistent

The techniques used to estimate the price of a build based on cost per square foot can vary greatly from builder to builder. One common approach is to divide the total cost by the amount of livable square feet. Even so, this method can result in a higher price per square foot if you opt for a porch or garage that’s larger than average.

2. It Leaves Out Critical Expenses

When you get an estimate based on the projected cost per square foot, many items that contribute to the final price may have been excluded. These figures frequently don’t include excavation and site work or consider expenses associated with constructing basements, garages, porches or bonus spaces. Finally, the inclusion of premium construction materials, upgraded appliances and other top-shelf conveniences can push up the total and cause the project to go over budget.

3. It Doesn’t Factor in Regional Differences

Another problem with cost per square pricing is that it’s based loosely on averages, which don’t account for regional pricing variations. Consider how labor rates can vary drastically between locations. Meanwhile, the cost of materials is affected by local availability and any shipping and storage fees. As building and zone laws differ between jurisdictions, these also potentially drive how much a builder spends on compliance.

4. You Can’t Design to Your Budget

You want a home that’s crafted to meet the needs of your family, but you’re also realistic when it comes to your budget. Cost per square foot estimates are a shot in the dark at best, since they don’t account for many aspects of construction. Home-Cost’s survey of build projects revealed that most go over budget by around 30 percent. For an initial bid of $250,000, that translates to an extra $77,500 and brings the final price to $327,500. Whether you’re financing the project or funding with existing resources, that’s a lot of extra money to pay. Yet with a zip code estimation tool, you can scale your build to fit within your desired price range.

Home-Cost: The Better Solution

The bottom line? The best that a cost per square foot estimate can offer is a ballpark figure. Home building cost by zip code is a far more accurate approach and factors in variables often missing from per square foot methods. Home-Cost’s innovative estimator app provides real-time feedback as you change designs, materials and options, giving you the most precise approximation of your dream house’s construction costs. To learn more or get your questions answered, simply complete our online form or call (800) 646-0350.

Building Costs by Zip Code Give the Most Accurate Estimates

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A smart method to estimate your home building cost helps ensure an accurate budget for your construction project. Using square footage is the most typical approach, but it’s not necessarily the most correct one thanks to the failure in factoring in key variables that can drive final expenses. So how do you confirm that you’re including the right kind of data? Home-Cost explains why calculating building costs by zip code produces approximate figures that are much closer to reality.

building costs by zip code

Square Foot Cost Estimates Are Not Reliable

Throughout the construction industry, it’s a common practice to estimate home building costs using square footage as a primary measurement. However, a major problem with this method is its lack of reliability. One chief reason is that a house’s floor plan and the amount of livable space can impact the final cost per square foot. Not only that, these estimates generally do not account for several types of additional construction and development expenses:

  • Excavation
  • Basement construction
  • Developing the site for building
  • Purchase and installation of appliances
  • Garages, porches and bonus spaces
  • Quality of materials used
  • Complexity of design
  • Without incorporating these costs, it’s impossible to correctly price a new home build. The average home building cost calculator doesn’t factor them in, resulting in proposals that won’t accurately reflect what you or your clients will ultimately pay for completed builds.

    Why Estimating Building Costs by Zip Code Is Better

    Conversely, approximating your home building cost by zip code accounts for variables that are often omitted from square footage calculation methods. For one thing, market conditions and other cost drivers impact final expenses in several construction-related activities, ranging from land clearing and site work all the way to the kinds of appliances installed into the final build. Since these amounts can fluctuate, average costs per square footage leave out such variables and often result in lowballed estimates.

    You may already know that regional differences contribute to final construction expenses. It’s worth pointing this out, however, as you’re assessing everything that goes into a new home build. Besides accounting for land and soil quality into the design and construction, labor and materials expenses can vary wildly between zip codes due to supply prices, transport costs and storage fees. Finally, community zoning and building ordinances also impact pricing as builders focus on complying with local regulations.

    Consider an example: Construction costs would differ between zip code 43235 as opposed to 43335. How does one digit make a difference? The former belongs to the northwest section of Columbus, Ohio, while the latter belongs to Martel, an unincorporated rural community 60 miles north of the city.

    Put Home-Cost to Work for Your Next Project

    To get the most precise figures for a new home construction project, it’s essential to calculate building costs by zip code instead of by square footage. Home-Cost is a powerful tool that offers instant and accurate home construction expense estimates, providing real-time feedback for virtually any floor plan or design. Prospective homeowners can see realistic cost expectations while builders can deliver the value they promise to their clients. Contact Home-Cost by using its online form or call (800) 646-0350 to learn more.

    The Power of “What If?”

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    Home Project

    Home-Cost estimating engine was granted a United States patent in 2008 because of its unique ability to provide an immediate, detailed and accurate cost estimate of a single family home, interactively, as design decisions are made in real time.

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