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Residential Estimating Construction Software

home building cost estimating software

With Resi-Cost You Are Now in Control.

Resi-Cost is a powerful, patented residential home cost estimating construction software you use online to determine the cost to build your new home design.

Never before have you had the ability to accurately, easily and quickly determine the residential cost of building your custom home and if needed, know what to revise to bring it back in budget. With our simple, interactive web interface you can estimate at any design stage.

Resi-Cost allows you to immediately test and explore various What-If? home design options and in real time, see the residential construction cost impact of those changes.

Three versions of Resi-Cost are available:
Resi-Cost Lite, Resi-Cost Full Function and our personal consulting service, Resi-Cost Managed.

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Resi Cost estimating software
From $24.50 per month*
*(with 60 day subscription)

Resi-Cost Lite uses the same patented residential construction estimating software as Resi-Cost Full Function. Lite just has fewer options and less cost reporting detail.


  • Entry level with basic options
  • Fewer options than Full Function
  • Less cost detail than Full Function
  • Over 2,900 design choices
  • Over 70 lines of cost reporting
  • Costs based on your zip code
  • Simple, powerful web interface
  • No software to buy and install
  • No blueprints needed
  • Stop and come back anytime
Resi Cost estimating software
From $49.50 per month*
*(with 60 day subscription)

Resi-Cost Full Function is detailed, powerful, and easy to use. Resi-Cost Full Function's patented estimating software provides a full breakdown of residential construction costs and the ability to instantly explore costs of different design and material choices.


  • Powerful cost estimating engine
  • More options than Resi-Cost Lite
  • More cost detail than Lite
  • Over 4,000 design options
  • Over 350 lines of cost reporting
  • Costs based on your zip code
  • Simple, powerful web interface
  • Get immediate cost feedback as design options change
  • No software to buy and install
  • No blueprints needed
  • Estimate at any design stage
  • Export your report to Excel®
  • Same estimating engine as Resi-Cost PRO
  • Stop and come back anytime

What Are Our Customers Saying?

We hear from our customers frequently and the feedback is great. We thought we'd share some real world comments about the home building cost estimating programs of Resi-Cost with you:

"Resi-Cost allows me to get involved with the details; gives me a pre-construction learning experience and will elevate my skill-set prior to negotiating/working with a builder. It is the only program...that allows an owner such as myself to fairly accurately cost out a house. The level of granularity is excellent. There is enough detail to get costs that are fairly accurate and not too much detail that would "snow" a user. Your Help sections are excellent and very useful as well... ALL IN ALL A GREAT INTERACTIVE TOOL FOR COSTING A HOME!!!!" P.M.- Hudson, FL

"The program was easy to use, and it seems very thorough." D.M. - Pittsburgh, PA

"The program is beats the cr** out of those free sites!" B.R. - Columbia, SC

"We are in the early planning stages for a home we plan to build ourselves. When I started with [LITE] we only had a very rough guess at what our project might cost to build. After using [LITE], we wanted a more detailed look at the specifics of the project, so we upgraded to the [FULL FUNCTION] version.

The process of going through the program, and completing the questionnaire took about an hour. It uncovered details that I hadn't even considered yet. By using the [BASELINE] and changing to the [ALTERNATE] project, you can easily see how changes affect the total cost of the project, and find a balance between your needs and wants." P.B.- Lincoln, NE

"The [Resi-Cost] Full Function report obviously gives more information useful to an average person like myself. It helps one understand which components of the building structure are more expensive than others and being able to quantify these differences puts things in perspective." T.T. - Saddle River, NJ