Cost Estimator for Building a House

Cost Estimator for Building a House

The cost of building a custom home can vary greatly. Depending on material choices and geographic region, the price of one home can be completely skewed from the cost of building its neighbor. Fortunately, Home-Cost has taken the guesswork out of the home building process. Our price-calculating software does much more than predict your final building cost based on your square footage alone. We deliver the most accurate cost forecast by including the following three factors overlooked by the average cost estimator for building a house:

Zip Code

While location plays a significant role in estimating the cost of building a home, it is one of the most commonly forgotten factors in other home cost estimator tools. Home prices are different from one place to the next for reasons such as:

  • Labor costs
  • Material availability
  • Price of land

Construction Materials

When picking and choosing each element for your future dwelling you will quickly find that there are many different materials to select from in the building process. But do those nickels and dimes really add up in the grand scheme of things? Let us tell you! Our digital calculator will predict just how much you will save or spend when deciding between different construction methods and materials.

Structural Add-Ons

Finally, our handy estimator can help you predict the cost to build a home by including all of the design elements you have in mind. Are you thinking of adding a deck in the back yard? How much would it cost to finish-off the basement? Plug your ideas into the easy-to-use software and get instant answers customized with all of your upgrades and add-ons.

Home-Cost is the most accurate cost estimator for building a house because of its multi-factor approach to cost prediction. Try the free demo today and see if your dream home fits into your real-life budget.