Cost of Building a New Home

As a contractor, generating quick and accurate home building estimates may be the key to winning over new clients. Using a program like Home-Cost can save you precious time and help you get a true price-point. Our ingenious software can predict the cost of building a new home in no time. Simply plug-in criteria specific to your client’s needs to receive detailed price information in an instant. See how this simple building-cost-estimator can improve your contracting business.

cost of building a new home

Keep Your Business Profitable

While keeping the customer happy is important, running a profitable business should also be one of your top priorities. In order to operate your company in the green, projecting home-building costs up front will help you to keep your bottom-line in check. With the help of our home price estimator you can predict your costs as a contractor and provide accurate bids for your clients.


Proceed with Confidence and Accuracy

Nothing is more wearing to your clients than constantly changing estimates for total building costs. Go into your contracting projects with complete confidence by obtaining an accurate cost to build a home before the development phase ever begins.


Build Your Client’s Dream Home

Every contractor sets out to deliver what their client can refer to as a, “dream home”. Our technology allows you to include every detail from home appliances to wood finishes to create a custom design and predict the final house cost. Using our home cost estimator, you can keep your client’s dream home in-check with reality from construction to completion.

At Home-Cost we help contractors to build profitable operations by giving accurate bids in a matter of minutes. We provide a user-friendly program that delivers an accurate cost of building a new home. Let us reduce your workload by delivering a detailed, location-based cost report geared towards your specific building specifications. Try a better building cost calculator using Home-Cost for professionals.