Detailed Cost Reports


Home-Cost provides value with detailed cost reports in all our products. We provide costs for site work, foundations, crawlspace, basement, excavation, exterior shell / structure, special spaces, interiors, elevators, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, appliances and General Conditions, OH&P. Costs are shown furnished and installed including sales tax.

FULL FUNCTION and PRO gives you three options of cost reports. Level 1 is a 15 line summary report. Level 2 provides more detail at +/- 50 lines. Both are rolled up cost summaries. Our default Level 3 cost report provides +/- 350 lines of cost detail and technical option descriptions along with quantities and unit prices. You can also export your Level 3 cost report to Excel® for customization!

Instant provides a separate labor and material price breakdown per category in its cost reports.

FULL FUNCTION and PRO use detailed “Assemblies of Construction” unit costs per option which combines elements used in the Assembly (e.g., door costs include the door, hardware, framing, casing, painting/finishing, installation and sales tax). As a result, costs are shown as an “Assemblies of Construction” unit price which combines labor & material (not separately broken out) per individual line item.

FULL FUNCTION and PRO provide three levels of cost report breakdown providing just the Assemblies of Construction cost detail you need.

Click the links below to download and view a sample Level 1, 2 or 3 cost report.

  • Level 1 Report : (±15 lines of detail) – Executive summary report of major construction categories.
  • Level 2 Report : (±70 lines of detail) – Costs summarized by construction sub-category.
  • Level 3 Report *: (±350 lines of detail) – Most detailed construction cost report itemized by line item and unit price.