Reliable Accuracy


We are so confident in our Full Function and PRO software that we back its reliability with a limited money back guarantee. It’s the only guarantee of its kind in the industry.

Full Function or PRO software will accurately estimate a competitively bid construction value for the home, but don’t shoot the messenger. We don’t guarantee the cost will match your initial budgetary expectations, but rather that it will reflect a reasonable cost for the design scope and quality selections you made. If you are trying to build too much house for your budget you will find out.  Then, you are in control of adjusting the cost to build your home by changing your design scope and quality decisions.

To claim a refund, our Terms of Use require you to obtain multiple licensed general contractor bids based on the same home design options and assumptions used in your estimate.  Take the range of the 3 licensed contractor bids and add 5% to the high bid and subtract 5% from the low bid. We guarantee that the construction cost developed by Home-Cost will fall within that high-low range. We do not refund for a completed project estimate because it is different from what you “think” the cost should be. The software will estimate the cost of the home as you define the scope and quality selections.

This is software that calculates cost based on the design and material selections you provide. That’s why you can develop an estimate for a custom home. Your home.