Location Specific


Home-Cost uses 5-digit project location zip codes for unsurpassed cost accuracy. Each zip code affects labor / material costs, sales tax and outdoor design temperature used in our energy calculations. Our proprietary database is updated regularly and includes over 43,000 US and Canadian Zip / Postal codes.

Other estimating systems only adjust costs based on large zones of the country (e.g., Northeast) or at best use only the first 3 digits of the zip code which provides only 200 to 300 unique zips.

However, just 1 digit in a zip code can make a regional difference in material and labor costs of 25% or more. For example zip 90210 is Beverly Hills, CA and 90220 is Compton, CA. Zip 49735 is Gaylord, a mid-state town in MI and zip 49736 is Goetzville, a town in MI’s Upper Peninsula.