Home Construction Cost by Zip Code

Home building cost by zip code

Sometimes, a bad estimate for a new home can be worse than no estimate at all. It could fill you with false confidence and lead you to decisions that are detrimental to your finances or to your dream of building the perfect home. At Home-Cost we have developed proprietary software that takes into account thousands of factors, including home building cost by zip code. We know that estimating building costs by zip code is significantly more accurate than assessments based only on cost per square foot.

We continually update our database of zip codes to reflect the most current prices for tax and labor, materials, energy calculations and more. By using five numbers in the zip code our home building cost calculator is much more accurate than other systems using only three numbers in the zip code. Our software includes pricing for over 43,000 zip codes in the US and Canada.


Our goal is to give you the best tools to accurately determine the cost of building your new home. Aside from our Instant plan, designed to give you a quick overview of expenses, our plans guarantee the accuracy of our estimates. Our software for our Full Function and Pro plans takes into account the following factors of home building:


  • Location by zip code
  • Material quality
  • Design Complexity
  • Basement costs
  • Appliances
  • Site development
  • Excavation


Our home cost estimator provides a high level of detail with more than 4,000 choices of design and material options. You get immediate cost feedback and you can adjust and explore your choices as much as you would like. Our plans are powerful and easy to use and include unequaled features such as detailed cost reports and timber frame, ICF and SIP options.

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