Calculate the Cost of Your New Dream Home

home construction cost calculator

How much home can you afford? When you are looking to build a new home it can be difficult to get solid, accurate estimates. With Home-Cost, our home construction cost calculator does just that. Our estimates are guaranteed to be accurate, allowing you to take control of the building process. You confidently determine how much square footage fits your budget as you explore your options with building materials and design enhancements. You get a reliable estimate of your custom dream home that is location specific and adjusts for the type of home you want.

Use the Best Calculator

Free calculators can be misleading and give you a false sense of confidence when it comes to your home budget. They are based on averages and square footage costs that vary from place to place and by design elements and building materials. With our home building cost calculator you get the following advantages:

  • Guaranteed cost accuracy
  • Detailed cost reports
  • Instant estimates
  • Cloud-based software that is sensitive to dynamic market conditions
  • A free demo showing how the software works
  • A good home cost estimator takes into account a full range of factors, including basement costs, site development, appliances, material quality, design complexity and bonus space such as a garage or porch. Since 90 percent of home estimates are over budget, it’s smart to get the best calculator available to protect you from financial headaches and disappointments.

    Software for Home Buyers and Building Professionals

    We offer proprietary software for both consumers and builders. Our Instant plan is fast and easy and best for consumers looking for a quick overview of budgets for housing plans. Our Full Function option is powerful, detailed and guaranteed to provide accurate results. Finally, our Pro plan is best for a builder-owner and offers all of the features of the Full Function option and more. For building professionals we also offer a Custom Partner Solution that is customized for each client.

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