Take the Guesswork Out of Building

Many free online cost estimators provide information based simply on an amount of money multiplied by per square footage. This can present a challenge if you want to build your dream house with unique structures or if you’re opting for the do-it-yourself approach. Our patented home cost calculator allows you to create your construction budget by asking the right questions and simulating hypothetical scenarios. Our tools give you cost options for building a variety of home designs in over 40,000 different zip codes throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Instant Construction Budgeting With Our Online Cost Calculator

Construction projects require a great deal of resources and we understand that time is money. When you need to formulate an immediate budget to begin building quickly, try our patented Instant estimating tool. It provides cost estimates for building a home whether you’re using standard, premium or economy construction materials.

Our instant house construction cost calculator provides:
• Tools for building a single-family home in over 40,000 zip codes
• Estimates for adding a foundation, basement and special rooms
• Costs for building a garage, whether it’s for one or three cars
• Comparisons for building a ceiling in a variety of heights
• Costs for building a covered porch
• The cost of taxes, labor and materials

Get Accurate Cost Estimates with Our Full Function Product

If you’re ready to build your dream home, our Full Function product provides construction cost reporting for up to 350 construction line items. Use the interactive “What If” feature to evaluate the price estimates for a variety of house designs. When you’re ready, you can review your design options and print out detailed reports of your development project to share with your family and builders. Preparing an accurate budget before beginning construction will save you time, money and unnecessary hassles.

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Our home cost calculator is cloud-based and doesn’t require you to download or install anything. Access over 4,000 home designs and develop your construction budget from anywhere. Sign up for a free demo and see for yourself how our user-friendly estimator tool can help you carry out your building plans.