Accurate Budgeting for Dream Homes

To bring in a profit, you have to stay on budget when building homes. Whether you need to generate a cost estimate to see the impact of a material change or avoid designing what can’t be afforded, you need reliable estimates. Home cost estimator software can help you bid more accurately and win profitable work.

Features of Home-Cost Estimator

Square foot cost estimation isn’t always reliable. Location can change design costs. Using home building cost estimating software that goes above and beyond “rule of thumb” provides accuracy to reflect specific design cost. It’s estimated that over 90 percent of custom home projects go over budget. This makes clients unhappy and reduces your profits. Using the features of Home-Cost Estimator, you have more flexibility and accuracy.

• Location specific to 43,000+ zip codes in the United States and Canada. Also calculates sales tax based on location.
• Accessible from any internet connection because the software is cloud-based.
• Use the “What if?” feature to model and change variables to have accurate cost impacts.
• Export detailed cost reports to Excel for every system of the house.
• An extensive list of design and material options for specificity.
• 100 percent money-backed guarantee.
• Subscription-based, which gives you control over your account. You can cancel at any time.
• Full control panel to track each project.

Home cost uses the variables of quality, cost and size to find the right balance between the three. You can model different costs and size to find the quality level that works for your needs. The “what-if?” tool puts you in control of multiple options to stay within budget while getting the most for your money.

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