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Building a home from scratch is a dream many people hold dear, and the process of building and customizing your own home is like no other. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to estimate the cost of building a custom home, and many available building cost estimators lack accuracy and dependability. Home-Cost is a revolutionary home cost estimator that bucks this trend and allows users to accurately estimate the cost of their home before the construction process begins.


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Avoid Overspending With Home-Cost Software

Home-Cost is a leader in the home construction cost calculator industry. Its patented technology allows consumers and professional homebuilders the ability to accurately estimate the cost of building a property before breaking ground. This ensures there are no costly surprises along the way, and having an accurate cost estimate will come in handy when the time to apply for financing arrives. Most home building cost calculators only provide somewhat accurate estimates using square footage, but Home-Cost goes several steps farther by utilizing the following information:

  • Building location
  • Cost and quality of building materials
  • Property size
  • Design complexity

Home-Cost uses cloud-based technology, allowing users to use the program from virtually any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Location is another major factor when it comes to estimating building costs. Most building calculators fail to take location into consideration, and when this occurs, homeowners can end up spending hundreds of thousands more than they intended. The cost of land in some zip codes is far higher than the cost in others, and builders and homeowners must keep this in mind. Fortunately, Home-Cost allows users to input five-digit zip codes (instead of three or four) to achieve the most accurate location-based estimate possible.


Home-Cost Software Features

We offer three types of Home-Cost software to our customers, but no matter which version you choose, you can rest easy knowing you have access to accurate building estimates. Our Instant and Pro versions are best for home-builders who simply need a detailed view of basic building costs. Our Full Function version offers more than a dozen additional benefits, in addition to the following features, which are standard with all versions:

  • Cost report exporting option
  • Breakdown of labor costs
  • More than 70 cost detail lines
  • Multiple material quality options
  • Database of more than 40,000 zip codes

Our home building cost calculator is ideal for both US and Canadian consumers and home-builders, and our most advanced option factors in additional costs such as taxes, appliances, and site work.


Accuracy Guaranteed

Obtaining accurate building costs is easier said than done, but with Home-Cost, you will gain access to as accurate of an estimate as possible. Our company believes in its product, and that is why we guarantee the accuracy of Home-Cost (customers only need to obtain contractor bids along with their Home-Cost estimate). Other estimators come with dozens of disclaimers, and often, their estimates are far from accurate.


Get Started on Your Dream Home

We take pride in providing our customers with reliable estimates they can use to build their dream homes. Our accuracy guarantee is unrivaled, and with so many building estimate tools on your side, you can create a comprehensive and realistic construction budget. Contact Home-Cost today to get started on your dream home.