Home ProjectHome-Cost FULL FUNCTION and PRO do not require you to develop and enter take-off quantities of materials or enter unit prices like so many take-off estimating software systems require. With take-off estimates you have to enter the quantities of everything being estimated including for example, board feet of lumber, cubic feet of concrete and other quantity calculations. Then if you want to make a design change, you have to have the drawings revised and then recalculate quantities all over again hoping you did not forget anything.

Let’s say you want to add an interior door. Well you have to remember the door will affect the painter’s price because of finishing. Do you want to add an exterior window or door? Then don’t forget to add costs for the door, painter and trim carpenter. How about a sink? Then remember the quantity of piping for supply, waste and vent all changes whenever you add or delete a sink.

Although take-off estimating may be OK for contractors putting together a detailed bid price for a plan that is fully designed and drawn up on CAD and won’t change, it cannot be used for early stage conceptual budget estimates. Home-Cost takes a better and more accurate approach for consumers and professionals looking to get an accurate budget price quickly at an early budgeting stage or at a detailed bid stage.

Home-Cost uses the concept of “Assemblies of Construction” or Assembly based estimating for its detailed home construction cost estimates. Unlike take-off estimation, “Assembly” based estimating can be used at a conceptual level for early stage costing or at a detailed design level for final blueprint stage estimates.

Assemblies of Construction include all the items associated with the thing being estimated. For example a door assembly includes the door, frame, hardware, casing trim, finishing / painting, installation labor and sales tax. That is one Assembly unit price in our estimates. If you add or delete a door, all those associated costs with the change are carried along with it. Same for a sink for example. It has an Assembly cost that includes the sink, faucet, waste line, vent, supply hot and cold water lines and sales tax.

Because Assemblies combine components, there is no relevant meaning to labor and material break out. The Assembly is presented as a single unit price that includes all associated costs. It is presented in what is called a “Furnished & Installed” cost.

PRO allows you the ability to edit the Assembly unit price as well as the Assembly description.

FULL FUNCTION does not provide these editing capabilities.