Make Your Dream Home Affordable

Let Home-Cost make your dream home an affordable reality, not a cost nightmare caused by using $/SF or free online estimators.


Basic Estimates That are Simple and Easy to Use.

Quickly estimate a house plan or just explore cost impacts of various home design choices. Immediately calculate costs as you pick preselected Economy, Standard or Premium construction quality levels.

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Full Function

Accurate Estimates with Thousands of Options

Accurately estimate the cost of your custom home design. FULL provides detailed cost reports and the ability to immediately see the financial impacts of different design and material choices.

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Construction Costs for Your Dream Home’s Location

You have a dream home and you know where you want it built. Get the peace of mind Home-Cost provides with a reliable cost estimate to build your home in that location. With over 43,000 zip codes for the US and Canada, we use 5 digit zip code accuracy to get you the cost reliability you want.

Cloud Based Software Allows You to Estimate from Anywhere

With Home-Cost there is never any software to download, install or update. Our software is cloud or internet based so you can work on the budget for your dream home from any computer, laptop or tablet having an internet connection.

Answer the What-If? Questions You’re Dying to Ask

What will it cost if you bumped a wall out a few feet, or added granite counter tops, or a basement or a wrap-around porch? With Home-Cost you can now answer What-If? Questions with “Let’s See!” Get real time cost feedback to the design changes you make and stay in budget.

Get the Material and Finishes Options Your Dream Home Needs!

Pick from our deep bench of over 4,000 design and material options to accurately reflect the design of your dream home. Once you select the options for your home design then focus on the interior. Even choose interior finishes for cabinets, counter tops, floors and walls at a room-by-room level.

Get the Accurate Cost Estimating Results You Need to Gain Financial Control

As a consumer your dream home is a serious investment. Don’t trust your budgeting to anything less than the guaranteed accuracy of Home-Cost Full Function or PRO. Gain the confidence of knowing you can afford to build what you have designed. Have the cost detail you need to evaluate contractor bids.

Get the Cost Detail You Need to be an Empowered Consumer

Full Function provides the financial cost detail you want and need. Our Level 3 cost report shows you about 350 lines of detail including unit prices, quantities and line item descriptions. You’ll know what your builder has included or left out from their bid. Cost report can be exported to Excel®.

Gain Peace of Mind. Get Rid of Scary.

We understand how scary it is to not know what your home will cost or to be over budget with your design. But Home-Cost puts you back in control. We give you the ability to model any number of design and material options, then adjust them to meet budget. Ask "What-If?" but this time get an answer!

Control Design Choices

The Secret? Our Patented Estimating Engine.

Get your budget correct now before you are financially and emotionally committed. Our patented software allows you to change Size and Quality options and see their Cost impact immediately. You are in control of deciding what design features, material quality and home size you adjust to meet budget.

Patented Estimating Engine

Are you an Owner-Builder? Then try PRO!

PRO allows editing of unit prices and option descriptions so you can customize your estimate. Simply mouse over the item and edit! Easy! Plus check out our other PRO features!

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6 month use period

Simple, fast & easy with few required inputs. Great for quickly budgeting house plans. Costs presented as labor & material (broken out) per category line item.

Full Function

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6 month use period

Reliable accurate results. Powerful, detailed and easy to use. Costs are shown as a combined furnish and installed unit price for each Assembly item. Labor and material pricing are not individually listed.


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*Subscription cost per month per project
*Requires one time $99.00 set up fee

Save time and money by pre-qualifying clients with this easy to use tool. Save time and money by pre-qualifying clients with this easy to use tool. Costs are shown as a combined Furnished & Installed unit price for each Assembly item. Labor and material pricing are not individually listed.

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