The Power of “What If?”

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We stand out from the rest. Home-Cost estimating engine was granted a United States patent in 2008 because of its unique ability to provide an immediate, detailed and accurate cost estimate of a single family home, interactively, as design decisions are made in real time.

Home-Cost is a web based software application provided on a monthly subscription basis. There is no software to download or install. Home-Cost leads you step by step in design choices necessary to accurately estimate your home. You can estimate at a conceptual level, without a firm home design (such as with early stage budgeting), or estimate at a final design stage with house plans (such as when validating bids). You can also estimate accurately at any stage in between.

Home-Cost calculates the cost of your specific home design. It does not use generalized quality of construction ranges or rules of thumb or construction cost per square foot or insurance appraisal based software as the source of its estimates.

Your project location zip code is part of our 40,000 zip code database and determines everything from your regional construction cost and sales tax rate to the environmental heating load used to size the furnace presented to you in Home-Cost. For example, as you select different exterior wall, roof, window and insulation options, the furnace size option may also dynamically change as Home-Cost recalculates your home’s heating load for your zip code location.

The power of What-If? – As you make any design selections or changes, Home-Cost dynamically presents appropriate options for you to choose. It also removes options that are no longer valid. It then immediately calculates the cost impact of your selections.

This powerful dynamic feature allows What-If? evaluations of different design features or materials. Make a change and immediately see the cost impact of that or any other design decision. This is not available with any other residential cost estimating software.