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The companies listed and linked are resources Home-Cost.com® trusts as leaders in their respective areas. We encourage you to reach out and contact these firms for innovative ideas and assistance with your project.


Armchair Builder has just completed a detailed review of the top cost estimating resources on the market available to owner-builders.

The House Designers

The House Designers serve as the exclusive house plan provider for Better Homes and Gardens®, ENERGY STAR® and Professional Builder® providing the highest quality .

Direct from the designers

All DFD home designs started out as custom home plans,  they can offer their collection of award-winning detailed house plans include everything needed to build your new dream home. 

family house plans

Family House Plans provides a wide array of house plans to cater to the unique needs and preferences of families, helping them find their ideal home design.

Cool house plans

Cool House Plans offers a diverse selection of modern and unique house plans to help individuals find their dream home design.

Monster house plans

Monster House Plans provides unique house plans, the ability to consult with an architect and designer, and an accurate, high quality material list.