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All core features include

All three plans of Home-Cost are industry-leading in their accuracy and help you better understand what it will cost to build your dream home.

Zip-code based estimates

For the most accurate labor and material costs

What-If customization

Adjust your design choices to see impact on cost

Export to Excel feature

For easy calculations and configurations

Site-work and appliances

For comprehensive total estimates of a new house





Monthly recurring billing per project account zip code (until canceled)
One time set up fee (unlimited project accounts)
6 month subscription
6 month subscription (unlimited zip codes)
12 month subscription (unlimited zip codes)
Simple and easy to use for conceptual budgeting
Comprehensive for detailed cost budgeting
Online web application
Adjust costs after purchase
Real time cost calculations
One project zip code per project account
Option for unlimited project zip codes per project account
Ability to explore cost impact of “What-If?” design options
Includes costs for site-work and appliances
Fixed duration subscription period
Month to month recurring billing subscription (user managed)
Design selections limited to predetermined Economy, Standard, Premium quality levels
User defined design with over 4,000+ material / design choices
Immediate cost feedback of design choices
Provides summary cost report (70+ lines)
Provides detailed cost report (300+ lines)
Costs shown with Labor and Material breakdown
Ability to export cost report to Excel® for user editing
Costs for 1, 1-1/2 and 2 story house designs
Costs for Timber frame, SIP and ICF construction options
Excludes flat roof homes and stilted construction
Costs for 40,000+ zip codes including US & Canada
Project management control panel
Abillty to edit default option Unit Prices
Ability to customize name of project account
Ability to edit contractor General Conditions
Ability to edit contractor Overhead & Profit