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Are you ready to gain cost control of your design and build your dream home? Do you want to know how much your specific home design will actually cost to build? Then FULL FUNCTION™ is the product choice for you. It is detailed, powerful, and accurate.


  • Costs for your location with 43,000+ zip codes in the US and Canada
  • Access Home-Cost software from any internet connection
  • See immediate What-If? cost impacts from changes to design & materials
  • Extensive design and material options get design specific
  • Patented estimating engine provides guaranteed accuracy
  • Over 350 lines of cost detail and ability to export to Excel®

An aspect of being accurate is you may find your initial design costs more than you expected. No problem, that happens with people designing their home over 90% of the time. With FULL FUNCTION™ you are still in financial control.

With our patented estimating engine you simply change “What-If?” options for building materials, design features and home size until you are satisfied with the design and within budget. It’s called being an empowered consumer. Never before have you had the ability to accurately, easily and quickly determine the cost of building your dream house and if needed, how to get it in budget.


How It Works:

Here is an overview of how FULL FUNCTION™ works and how easy it is to use.

  1. Select Your Project Location: Once you purchase your account you simply enter the 5-digit zip code for your project location. We have over 40,000 zip codes including every city in the continental United States plus coverage for Alaska, Hawaii and Canada.
  2. Select Your Design: FULL FUNCTION™ leads you easily through a series of screens with questions and options about your unique home design. From home style and size, to roof and dormers to garages and basement or crawlspace options, Home-Cost explores all aspects of your home design characteristics.
  3. Select Your Materials: Once design decisions are established, you are guided by through a broad range of options for construction materials. You can even select finishes such as cabinetry, counter tops, flooring and more, all at a room-by-room level. Selecting the construction materials you want tailors the cost estimate to reflect your specific home design, not some “typical” or “generic” set of material assumptions. FULL FUNCTION™ also provides energy conserving or sustainable design “Green” construction material options such as ICF (Insulated Concrete Form), SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) and Timber Frame.
  4. Explore “What-If?” Options: One of the powerful features of FULL FUNCTION™ is real time cost feedback to get your construction budget in balance. Only Home-Cost provides real-time cost feedback as you make choices in home size, design features or construction materials. The interactive nature of FULL FUNCTION™ allows easy What-If? re-evaluations of different design characteristics or construction material combinations to get your budget in balance. You can stop guessing and now confidently know what the cost impact is of changing any design or material option you made, from changing the size of the home or the size of a room like a kitchen or bath to changing a counter top from plastic laminate to soapstone.
  5. Review and Print Cost Reports: Once you are satisfied with your estimate you may print it out or export* your cost report to Excel®. FULL FUNCTION™ comes in three levels of cost report breakdown providing just the detail you need. NOTE: Costs are shown as a combined furnish and installed unit price for the Assembly item. Labor and material pricing are not individually shown.


Click the links below to download and view a sample Level 1, 2 or 3 cost report.

  • Level 1 Report  : (±15 lines of detail) – Executive summary report of major construction categories.
  • Level 2 Report  : (±70 lines of detail) – Costs summarized by construction sub-category.
  • Level 3 Report  *: (±350 lines of detail) – Most detailed construction cost report itemized by line item and unit price.


Design and Construction Options:

Home-Cost FULL FUNCTION™ includes a deep bench of design and material choices including these options (click “+” to expand).

  • Home Type (1, 1 1/2, 2 story)
  • Roof (gable, hip, cross, roof pitch, overhang)
  • House Dormers (gable, shed and eyebrow styles)
  • 1st Floor Attributes (square feet, bump out)
  • 2nd Floor Attributes (square feet, open to below)
  • Ceiling heights, flat / pitched (1st and 2nd floors)
  • Window Area
  • Porches (covered, enclosed and screened)
  • Slab on Grade (full or partial)
  • Crawlspace (full or partial)
  • Basement (full, partial, finished, unfinished)
  • Walkout Basement
  • Garage (2, 3, 4 car attached, detached, bsmt.)
  • Garage Dormers (gable, shed, eyebrow styles)
  • Breezeway
  • Stick Built / Standard Framing (e.g., 2×4’s)
  • ICF (Insulated Concrete Form)
  • Structural Insulated Panels (SIP)
  • Timber Frame (full, partial, hybrid)
  • Site Type (subdivision, open field, wooded)
  • Acreage / Lot Size (area to be developed)
  • Site Preparation (clearing / grading)
  • Excavation
  • Access Road, Driveway, Walkways
  • Patio, Deck and Terrace Areas
  • Retaining Wall
  • Sprinklers, Landscaping, Lawn
  • Site Utilities (gas, water, sewer, electricity)
  • On-Site Fuel Storage (propane)
  • Well and Septic Systems
  • Estimate Special Space Construction Costs
  • Detailed options for Kitchen, Baths, Libraries, etc.
  • Create Any Number of Special Space Rooms
  • Select Special Flooring Options
  • Select Special Wall Finishes
  • Select Special Kitchen Cabinetry
  • Select Special Bathroom Vanities
  • Counters (granite, soapstone, quartz, etc)
  • Foundation (crawlspace, basement walls)
  • Materials: block, poured, ICF, wood, precast
  • Excavation and Hauling
  • Wall, Floor and Roof framing
  • Lumber (dimensional, truss floor, engineered)
  • Stick-built, truss, SIP and masonry construction
  • Exterior Skin (wood, cement fiber, brick, vinyl)
  • Windows (casement, sliding, double hung, fixed)
  • Windows (wood, metal clad, vinyl, low-E, etc)
  • Doors (passage, French, door-wall)
  • Dormer Construction
  • Porch Construction
  • Roofing (asphalt, wood, tile, slate, metal)
  • Interior Partition Framing (2×4, 2×6)
  • Stairs (standard, exposed, curved, spiral)
  • Interior Doors (hollow, solid, MDF, wood, glass)
  • Trim (door / window casing, base, crown, cove)
  • Wall Material (drywall, plaster, special)
  • Ceiling Material (drywall, plaster, wood T&G)
  • Floors (wood, carpet, resilient, cork, tile, stone)
  • Elevator System
  • Water Distribution (copper and PEX)
  • Water Heater, Softener, Filtration Systems
  • Sinks, Pedestal Sinks
  • Toilets, Bidets, Tubs, Whirlpool
  • Porcelain, Enamel, Cast Iron, Fiberglass Fixtures
  • Custom Showers and Shower Doors
  • Special Plumbing
  • Fire Suppression / Sprinkler System
  • Air Infiltration
  • Air to Air Heat Exchanger
  • Forced Air Furnace
  • Radiant Heat and Hybrid Options
  • Fireplace Fuel Options (gas, wood burning)
  • Fireplace Type (direct vent, masonry, custom)
  • Service Panel and Distribution Options
  • Lighting
  • Special (security, home automation, cabling)
  • Range, Single / Double Oven, Drop In, Warming
  • Exhaust Hood
  • Dishwasher, Refrigerator / Freezer, Wine Cooler
  • Microwave, Garbage Compactor
  • Washer, Dryer
  • Window Treatments
  • Closets and Shelving
  • Central Vacuum, Sauna
  • Calculate as an Owner Builder
  • Calculate Built with Contractor
  • Design Fees
$149.00 ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎6 month use period‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ 1 Zip Code
  • Detailed and easy to use
  • Explore “What-If?” design options
  • Immediate cost feedback of choices
  • 4,000+ material / design choices
  • Timber frame, SIP, ICF options

    SIP = Structural Insulated Panel. ICF = Insulated Concrete Form.

  • Summary cost report (70+ lines)
  • Detailed cost report (300+ lines)
  • Costs shown as Furnished & Installed Assemblies
  • Export report to Excel®
  • Includes site-work & appliances
  • 40,000+ zip code cost database
  • Costs for US and Canada